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Hey loves,

So I get a lot of emails from you girls asking me advice on why your hair isn't growing, or maybe your skin isn't looking it's best.  Many of you tell me that you've tried everything, but then when I ask you about your diet, a lot of times I don't hear back from you, or you tell me that you don't eat so great. I'm here to tell you that yes, there are some people who are just lucky. They are born with fabulous hair and skin. (My siblings are examples of that.) But some people (like myself) have to work on it. I don't eat great. Matter of fact I was eating a left over oxtail just a few minutes ago. But, I always try to make a smoothie in the morning that's loaded with vitamins and minerals because the truth is hair and skin health do start from within. I notice the difference when I drink the smoothie: my nails become stronger,  skin looks more radiant,  and hair growth.  My manicurist always cuts my nails way too short every single time (I can't stop going to her though because she gives amazing hand massages-best I've ever had). But I never go crazy with her cutting my nails anyway because seriously my nails grow insanely quick-when I'm drinking the smoothie. When I'm not, I notice my nails are brittle, and aren't as strong.  Anyway, here's my morning smoothie.

1) Blender-I don't believe you need to spend gazillions on a blender. Mine was $50.00 and does everything I need it to do. Right now it's on sale for $29.99
2) Coconut water-I love Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. I used to drink Zico, but Harmless Harvest is s much better and it alone contains like 2 grams of protein with way less sugar. 

3) Kale-According to Whole Foods Kale, is the most nutritious green you can buy. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals.
4) Spinach, Spinach is right after Kale in nutrition

Now if I just ate these things alone, I would never want to drink my smoothie because it would taste horrible. But, the secret to wanting to drink your smoothie is making it taste good.  I always throw in:

5)Frozen blueberries-powerful antioxidant, and proven to make belly fat disappear.
6)Frozen strawberries-taste good, and is one of the more nutritious berries.
7)Apple-Fills you up and is loaded with nutrients as well.
8)Banana- loaded with potassium
9)Garden of Life Raw Protein -18 grams of vegan protein in this.

I mix all of these together for about 5 minutes in my blender. And when It comes out, it's yummy, very healthy and delicious and it makes such a huge difference when taking it.
By the way always brush your teeth after eating this. There have been many times where I have forgotten to brush my teeth afterwards and have smiled at peeps with massive green stuff all over my teeth. Not cute!

Hope this helps you!




kepsgrl said...

I have recently started doing a similar smoothie each morning.. and I love it! how much coconut water do you use??

CG0528 said...

can you tell us how much of each you put in the blender?

beautylogicblog said...

@kepsgirl I use the whole bottle of Harmfully Harvest but before I used to use 10oz of zico. How do you like the smoothie?

beautylogicblog said...

@CG0528 Darn I never measure. Take about three sprigs of kelp, take the leaves off, and put in blender. As for spinach, I use about 8 pieces. I just use the leaves though, not the stem.

J. Valeska said...

Do you only make enough for one day or does it last for a couple of days?

Thanks! :)

beautylogicblog said...

@jvaleska I make a new one every day. I like the vitamins to be fresh. Yum!

Anonymous said...

This smoothie is very similar to mine. Where do you purchase the raw coconut water and the raw protein? I will check my local natural food market and thanks for your recipte. Claire

beautylogicblog said...

both can be purchased at whole foods. Don't you love the smoothie.

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