Therapy Thursdays: Ways to be a Power Woman #2

So, today my girlfriend is back with her advice Ways To Be A Power Woman #2. If you dont remember Ways to be a Power Woman #1 click here. Since the last time she wrote, she's been in Hong Kong for over  month, got featured in a mag, and is loving her new insane apartment,  but she's back now with her new Power Woman Tips. Anyway, here she goes:

1) Business Cards-Always carry them with you even to the gym and supermarket. I've made some great business contacts at the gym, and yes even at the supermarket. You never know who you will meet anywhere, bring your cards to church if you have to. And take as many cards as you can from anyone, no matter what someone does, and save them,   because you never know who you will need at any point in your life. 0ne time,  I had come from work super late, and had a meeting the next morning. My hair looked a mess. I needed to get it done before this meeting but my salon didn't open till 12. Because I had broken my wrist, I couldn't do it myself. I remembered this woman who had randomly given me her card a few months earlier, when I was at my corner bodega. She told me she was closing her shop and doing peoples hair at their home.   I called her and she came the next morning-she did my hair, she still does my hair to this day.  Take everyone's card no matter what they do, and always have yours on hand too. 

2)Organized. Be organized in everything you do. Being messy, or not knowing where things are is never a good look-especially for a woman. If you're organized, you'll know exactly where things are, where you put them, and you'll be quick to find them. So much time is wasted just looking for things. I know exactly where everything is in my office because I have an organizational system. Being organized will increase your efficiency substantially.

3) Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions-At my new job, they have a program that I've never worked with before. Their plan was to only train me for two hours in this program. I quickly knew that I would need a lot more time. And I did. I ended up making them train me for 8 hours, took copious notes, and asked a million questions-even ones I knew would sound stupid. I could care less how they sounded. I now know that program like the back of my head, and  one of my coworkers who has been at the job a year longer than me, is asking me  how to do certain things with the program. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions. If you sound stupid, who the heck cares. What's stupid is acting like you know something when you don't.

4) Don't ish were you sleep. So many women I know have relations with men they work with. Don't do it! I've seen it end badly every time. It may be tempting. Maybe you have been single for a while, or he's hot etc. Take my advice from personal experience and from what I've seen, don't do it. 95% of the time it ends badly.

5) Respect At Work-Your work is where you should be taken seriously. I hate to say this, but try to keep your personal life out of the office.  No one at my job knows too much about me, except my academic and work accomplishments, and that's it. That's all they need to know. Also, at work, I make sure that I'm always taken seriously. There's a few girls in my office who are way too friendly with each other and with other men in the office. I don't believe in that either. All of my friends are outside of work and that's how I like it. They see my crazy side. They know that I'm not always serious. But  at work,  I'm all business. Guess what, the real friendly girls, and the ones who are always calling people "hon" and "sweety" (I hate that by the way.) don't have the corner office, but guess who does? Me.  Being liked is great, but being respected holds more weight at work. Now I'm not saying be a bitch, not at all. But remember that this is your job, not your hang out spot.

6) Don't Waste Work Time-I know a lot of people who spend their time on either facebook or twitter when they could be working. That's a big mistake. I have a facebook account too but only use it at home. The time you're spending on those sites, could be used to be doing something to advance your career. Remember that. 

Ok hope this helped.


Milly's friend"

Thanks friend.


Lavendar said...

This is such excellent advice. This post came at a perfect time for me. Thanks Milly!

Nichole said...

Great advice. Thanks. I agree with all of these suggestions. I was feeling like I maybe I should be friendlier at work and let people know more about me, have lunch more with coworkers etc., It's a good reminder that I don't need to.

Lauren said...

Milly, your words are so wise ! I love this post ! Everything you said is so completely true. You are a true inspiration ! Brains and Beauty ;)

Gorgepis said...

Please keep these posts coming!

How do u handle the constant invitations for after work drinks, baby showers, weddings and the such?

How do u handle these constant invites when u don't want to be stand offish but u dnt want to be friendly either??

Yvelette/Calming Corners said...

This is great advice and so on point. I am getting back to getting more organized and it makes such a difference with my life, projects, work, friends, relationships everything I am trying to balance. It feels better an you enjoy more by having the organazation than the consisitent rushing around. I love the other points as well.

beautylogicblog said...

@lavendar glad they helped hon.

beautylogicblog said...

@nichole glad it helped hon!

beautylogicblog said...

@lauren I adore you hon. thanks

beautylogicblog said...

@gorgepis I will ask her and get back to you.

beautylogicblog said...

@yvellite glad you like it hon!

Discover Joy Daily said...

I love when you make these kinds of posts! Very valuable info.! I'm totally with you the keep private life private..VERY IMPORTANT.

love your blog=)

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