Zoya Beach Summer 2012 Collection

I get way too excited about nail polishes, especially during the warm weather. Don't you? Today, I'm talking Zoya Beach. Zoya Beach is the other part of Zoya Summer 2012 collection, and unlike Zoya Surf which were all metallic, Zoya Beach are mostly cream finishes. I love that Zoya gives me options! Again, these polishes applied really well with no streaks. Click below to see swatches of Zoya Beach and read my review:

Zoya Reagan- Zoya describes this as a Cerise pink cream, but it looked way more like a dark fuschia to me.   Two coats

Zoya Lara-Again Zoya describes this as a vivid cerise pink cream, but I'd def say this is a lighter fuschia.  Two Coats.

Zoya Shelby-A bubblegum pink creme finished. Two Coats.

Zoya Arizona -Mix of Coral and Orange. Very pretty. I'd say more on the orange side. Two coats but this one was kind of streaky.

Zoya Tracie-A sea grass metallic. I didn't like this one in the bottle but after trying it on, it grew on me. Two coats.

Zoya Wednesday- A very soft aqua cream. Two coats of this.

This collection is gorgeous, filled with pretty bright colors, but when it comes down to it, Zoya Surf won my heart. Zoya's quality of course is pretty great. I didn't find any of these to be streaky and the fact that Zoya takes out the chemicals, makes me very happy.

What do you think of this collection?

Which one do you like better Zoya Surf or Zoya beach?




Sami Salo :) said...

I LOVE the Zoya Beach collection, especially the Wednesday turquoise colour :)

Ms. G said...

I love Zoya Surf.

Red lips, Black hair said...

*Jaw drops* All these gorgeous colors were MADE for you!

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