Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator Review

How was your weekend loves? Mine was great. On Sunday my bestest Cassie came over and we spent the day at my house celebrating some great news (I'll announce soon), eating some takeout  from my fave Caribbean restaurant  on the Upper West Side Fredas   and watching  the movie, A Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We stopped after a while though because that movie is a  little too weird. Have you seen it?  It's a little crazy. Anyway, let's talk beauty.

Two weeks ago NYC was hit with 70 degree weather. It was glorious. Last week wasn't as beautiful. But anyway, when the sun hits, and the weather gets super warm, I always make sure to carry  oil blotting sheets  because my skin (especially my nose) becomes  a greasy mess. The last few weeks, I've been testing Clinique's Pore Refining Solutions Stay Matte Hydrator, This product promises to hydrate your skin, and keep it matte for eight hours.  8 hours is a LONG time for my skin to stay matte-especially when the sun is out. The product is also oil free and non-acnegenic which is a huge plus because my skin is  super sensitive.   I realized how effective this was while using it during our little heat wave.  After washing my face, I didn't use a  moisturizer. I just applied this product.  As I was applying, I noticed that the product itself just felt like a moisturizer. It didn't feel silicony or anything. How the heck is my face not going to get oily with this?    I then applied my foundation and makeup. After a day of running errands, I finally had a chance to look in the mirror. Woooh!  My skin was not oily at all, not even a little bit, even my nose which always gets shiny no matter what I use, was still matte.   I didn't even have to use my oil blotting sheets. That is insane! I always have to use those.  I also liked that this product didn't make my skin too dry. (A lot of these products that claim to stop the oil, suck the moisture out of your skin and can leave  it flaky and gross.)  My makeup applied so smoothly with this on as well. This product may replace my trusted primer. All in all this gets an A+ FYI: the product says you're supposed to use with the other pore refining products, but I didn't. I just used this alone, and loved it.

How was your weekend?

Have you tried any of the Clinique Pore Refining line?




Catherine said...

This sounds great - I also never leave the house without my oil blotting sheets! I was just wondering, did you use any sunscreen with this, or did it have any in it? I am super pale so have been looking into new sunscreens now that summer is around the corner, they just always seem to leave me so greasy. This post really caught my eye as I have been looking at Clinique products recently (City Block in particular).

Cocoa said...

I was just about to ask the same: does this have any SPF, or did you use a separate product for that? I currently use City Block, like Catherine mentioned above.

And yes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is pretty weird, lol. I saw the original (swedish?) version, and I had to turn away many times.

beautylogicblog said...

@catherine @cocoa hey girls, my foundation contains spf 15. :-)

Ronnique said...


My face is an oil reservoir! This will be another product added to my Beauty Logic shopping list (along with oil blotting sheets, who knew)! As of lately, I've been on a search for a hydrator. This is why I love Beauty Logic!!!

It is getting crazy hot here Louisiana and I'm ready to get away from foundations. Can you recommend a good tinted moisturizer?

One more thing, Amazon is sold out of the Natural White Pro. Do you know anywhere else it may be purchased? Or should I just do the Crest 3D?


beautylogicblog said...

@Ronnique Hey doll, I'm a little addicted to Nars new tinted moisturizer. It's a shame that they sold out of that whitener, it was my all time favorite, but use the crest 3d Intensive. It's great.

Ronnique said...


I got my Nars tinted moisturizer yesterday! You should do a review and give some tips! Hope you, Mr. Milly and baby Milly have a great weekend!


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