Therapy Thurday: COUPLES THERAPY 2

Two weeks ago, I did the first Couples therapy. If you didn't read that post click here. Now, after watching Couples therapy a few more times, I'm just so saddened by DMX and his wife. It's a horrible situation, and I hope none of you beautiful mammas ever find yourself in that predicament. Remember, you deserve better than a man who cheats, has no respect for you, and does not care if he hurts you or not. Do not settle!! Especially, when it comes to a relationship. Anyway, here are some more Couples Therapy Tips for you.

1) Intimacy-you may be thinking Milly, you already told us about intimacy. You already told us we should kegel. Yes, but Mr. Milly read my last Couples Therapy post and he said that I should emphasize how important intimacy is! He says if the intimacy stops, that's probably the best indicator that something is not right. When I tried to explain to him that not all men are as frisky as him, he became very serious and said, "Yes they are." So, Mr. Milly says if the intimacy stops, find out what the problem is asap. Make sure you try new things, read the kama sutra if you have to, but most important, kegel with a device!

2) Date night: Many of us have children, but it's so important to have a date night with your lover. You two can unwind, be alone, and just make time for each other. DO IT!! If you can't go out, then put the kids to sleep, and do it after they go to bed, but do it.This is super important.

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3) Keep It Sexy: When I met Salma Hayek a few months ago, she told me that her Grandmother always told her to keep a lipstick by her bed which she could dab a little on her cheeks, and on her lips before her husband woke up so she could look pretty for him. Now, I'm not saying you have to look like a movie star every time you see your partner. (I sure don't.) Sometimes, Mr. Milly walks in, and I still haven't combed my hair, but sometimes, when you know he's coming home, maybe fix your hair a little, put on a little blush or gloss. It keeps it sexy.  I used to watch my grandmothers do it often.

4) Laugh-My grandparents were always joking with each other. Even a few months before my abuela died, I remember her and my granddad joking around. I'm not saying become a comedienne overnight and start telling Knock Knock jokes,  but find ways to laugh. Believe me, life is so much happier when you laugh often.

5) Be secure-this is a problem with many women. They go to an event, see a prettier girl, and eye their partner to see if he's looking at her all night or they go all lunatic if he looks at her for a second.  Milly is going to keep it real with you. In this world, there is always going to be someone that looks better than you and me. I don't care if you're Hally Berry, Stacy Dash, Angelina Jolie,  Sofia Vergara, that's just the way life is. The fact is, who the heck cares? Stop comparing yourself. Be secure about you, your gifts, how beautiful you are and stop worrying about if your partner is looking at someone else. Now if it's plain disrespectful and he's staring all night, then that's an issue. However, if he just glances for a second and looks away, don't go all psycho. It's not a good look and  you look insecure.  Remember, s confident woman is always the most beautiful in the room. Now if you find yourself comparing yourself a lot, please read my old therapy Thursday post Don't Compare Yourself.

6) Be Happy-There was a time in my life a few years back when nothing was going my way, and I was super grumpy. I'm really shocked that Mr. Milly stayed with me at the time as I was always lashing out at him. One day my brother pulled me aside and said, "you're so miserable. no one wants to be with a miserable person, remember that." If you have a lot of issues, don't blame them on anyone, figure out how to fix your problems, but don't lash out on your partner or spouse or blame them for your problems. Don't let your problems make you miserable.  Remember, a problem is only as big as you think it is.

Hope this helps.

Please send me some of your relationship tips.




MsFarrah said...

Awesome tips Milly, especially the "keep it sexy" sometimes we get so comfortable that we miss the mark and just think":oh well he isn't paying attention to what i have on" when truthfully he is, and if we just keep it sexy not only for him but for us we will find that we are more confident and secure within ourselves and we have a little more umph to our walk. Keep the couples therapy post coming!!

beautylogicblog said...

@MsFarrah Yes Ms. Farrah, when you take care of yourself, you feel better about yourself too. I firmly believe that.

Ronnique said...


Great post!


B said...

Girl, if laughter will keep a marriage together, Esposo and I are set. Alllll we do is keep each other cracking up. Love this list!

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