Dior Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collection

Hey loves, how are you? Sorry I've been MIA, but let's talk beauty, and we'll start with The new Dior Summer 2012 Nail Polish collection. Lately, I've really become obsessed with polishes, and find myself changing my nail color every other day. I don't know what it is, but I find painting my nails relaxes me. Does it relax you too?

Anyway, the new Dior Summer 2012 Nail Polish contains two perfect summer colors.

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Dior Bikini-a Coral with a hint of red, no shimmer. Love this! (But I've never met a coral I didn't like). :-)

Dior Saint Tropez-I actually had purchased this shade last year, but they have re-released it this year. A beautiful  turquoise, no shimmer, cream finish, perfect shade for the summer. 

These applied very evenly. The only thing I found was these took a little longer to dry between coats than other brands I've tried. Dior's brush is thicker than other nail polish brushes, so that may take some getting used to for some. Other that that, I'm digging these shades.

You can find these for $23.00.

What nail polish colors are you loving this season?



PS: product provided by pr for review.


JoJo said...

Dior Bikini looks like a nail polish I would wear year round. Gorgeous!!!

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