Old Drugstore fave: Wet N Wild Petal Pusher Review and Easter Face

How was your Easter loves? Mine was great. I spent time with my family, ate a lot, and enjoyed the beautiful NYC weather. I hope yours was fantastic and that you ate a lot too :-). Now let's talk beauty specifically drugstore beauty. I'm a huge fan of Wet n Wild, especially their color icon palettes, and one  that I find myself using often is Petal Pusher. It's priced at  $4.99. Some of the shadows in this palette are the  quality of shadows that I've paid more than $15.00 and up for.  The great pigment, the smooth texture, the way these blend so well together, this is not at all what I was expecting from this palette when I first got it last year. (I mean come on, this is $4.99) Although I have been a Wet N wild fan for years. Their 666 lip pencil (I hate that number!) and their bronzer have been a staple in my makeup bag for years, but man, these eye shadows are pretty great. Click below to see swatches, and check out the Easter makeup i did using the palette. 


Here's swatches of the first row

From Left to Right: the first two colors aren't that great, but I love the last two. 1)Pale cream shimmer, 2)pink lilac with slight shimmer 3)dark purple 4) blue violet

Here's swatches of the second row:

I actually really like all of these 1) pink white frost 2)copper muave 3) deep brown with gold shimmer 4)gray black with bits of gold shimmer.

Here's a look I created with the palette using the first row of colors. First I used the Maybelline 24 hour eye color tatoo in Purple. I then used the last color (blue violet shimmer) on the entire lid.  Then the third color close to the lash line, and then the second color on the crease to blend. I then used Milani's new Eye tech Eyeliner (probably my new favorite drugstore eyeliner) in blackest black, and Ruby Kisses 24 Hour Eye Definer on Water line in Rich Teal Blue. I also was testing and had on Too Faced Better than False Lashes Mascara (which isn't better than false lashes by the way). I didn't want to put too much more eye makeup because the first thing my outspoken uncles would say when they saw me during Easter lunch would be "Why do you have so much makeup on!" "You're a pretty girl don't need all of that makeup."   Ah, I love my family.

All in all this  palette is pretty great. I mean come on, it's $4.99. With primer, I find the eyeshadows last about 8 hours without creasing or fading. 

What do you think of this palette?

Do you like Wet N Wild products?

How was your Easter?

What did you eat?

I had lamb, chicken, rice and beans, avocado salad, sweet plantains. Yum! Then I came home and watched Ice Loves Coco. I can't get enough of those two. They are so in love.




*ms.angela89* said...

I like wet n wild also! But since I'm more of a neutral person, I like the browns/nudes. :D This palette seems beautiful although I may never wear purple on any occasions. lol. Your weekend sounded great! We did a early easter a week before so this weekend was spent doing chores and staying home.

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