Therapy Thursday-Dear Milly, What's a Kegel?

Therapy Thursday. Dear Milly, What’s a kegel?

I recently got an email from a reader in India. Her letter said,  Dear Milly, I have three kids, and have never tried to kegel nor have I heard of it. You say it’s amazing, how can I do it? 
I got a lot of other emails asking about kegels as well, so instead of sending a gazillion emails, I will just write a post about it.  Since we're all girlfriends, here, I will keep it very real with you in this post.  The power of your pelvic muscle down there can do amazing things.  Your partner will go crazy when you know how to control it and can flex it on them. The problem like any other muscle in your body, if not exercised, this muscle can become 1) weak 2) loose 3) feel mushy.  When that starts to happen, you will start to notice things like  peeing on yourself when you sneeze, and your sex life may become dull for both you and him. How to fix it: Kegel! What’s kegel? You know when you really have to use the bathroom, but you hold it, that’s you using your pelvic muscles, and those are the same muscles you target when you kegel. Kegeling is just exercising your pelvic muscles. But, my gyn told me, kegeling by itself just isn’t that effective. And that makes sense. When you want to build your muscles, you don’t work them out by themselves, you use a weight.  Well the same thing holds true with pelvic muscles, you need some sort of weight, and believe me, there are many of them available. Once you start exercising that muscle, you will notice a huge difference. HUGE, and so will your partner. You may not be able to get him off of you J. I recommend doing 100 kegels a day 4 times a week with a device. 

Let me know how it works out for you. There are a lot of devices on the market and if you need a rec, just email me.




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