Too Faced Summer Eye Palette Review and Swatches

Almost every year I go to the Dominican Republic to visit my family. My cousins always have the brightest and coolest makeup from blues, bright greens and oranges on their lids, combined with a vibrant red lip. They don't care. They love taking risks with their makeup. Normally, my makeup is pretty mellow. I usually stick to neutrals, golds, purples, copper or brown on the lids but for the last two months, I've really been switching it up. For some reason this year, I seem to be changing my look. On Friday, i'm going to add some highlights to my  dark hair (why the heck not???). And lately, I've really been experimenting with bright eyeshadows too. One palette that I am def taking with me when I head to DR is the new  Too faced  Summer Eye Palette. The packaging itself is beautiful, and check out the gorgeous shadows: 

Click below to see swatches, read my review, and see a look I created.

I love that Too Faced always includes How To cards with their palettes. Not every gal is good with makeup, and may not have any idea what to do with these shadows:

Here are swatches of the first row

From Left to Right: Sugar Sand (a shimmery dusty rose) Plumeria (Vivid Pink) Cocoa Beach (Plum Brown Shimmer)
Here are swatches of the Second Row:

From Left to Right: Peach Fuzz (Golden Peach), Coral Crush (Coral Pink Shimmer) Chocolate Sun (Shimmery Rich Brown)

Here are swatches of the third Row (which is my favorite row; that teal is EVERYTHING)

From left to right: Sunbeam (Gold Shimmer) Mermaid (muted teal) Toasted Coconut (matte caramel)

In terms of pigment, with the exception of sunbeam, I found these shadows to be very pigmented, they blend extremely well together, and I was pretty surprised with the little amount of fall-out they had . Yesterday Mr. Milly came back from a 9 day business trip. I wanted to make sure I looked cute when he came so I used the third row of shadows. That Mermaid color looks so beautiful on brown eyes. I love it.

I had programed my camera to take pics every 10 seconds while I modeled the look. (I got the look from the Fashion How-to card), and it caught my smile when Mr Milly came  home. Like I told you last week, smile at your partner when they walk in the door. It makes a difference.

Do you like the summer Eye palette?

How would you rock the shadows?

Do you smile at your partner when they come home? 




Graciepoo said...

Love the makeup! What blush and gloss do you have on?

gg said...

Look at you doll face!! So pretty.

socialitedreams said...

such a pretty's like it was made for you, looks great on your face

MsFarrah said...

You look gorgeous!!! I want to try bold shadows this summer but I may just stick with glosses and lipstick. Your eyebrows look great, how is Lil Man????
Yes I do smile for the Hubbie when he gets home from work just to add a little sunshine to his day.

Roslyn said...

Such beautiful colors in that palette!

beautylogicblog said...

@graciepoo hey doll, for the hollows of my cheeks, I applied Black Opal Dark Foundation to Contour. Now for the cheeks, I first applied Clinique be bronzed 2 and then on top, I applied Tarte Amazonican Clay blush in Amused. For the lips, I mixed Motives by Lala Trendsetter with Drama Queen. Thanks for reading, Hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@gg Thanks my love, Hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@socialitedreams thanks gorgeous, hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@msfarrah Thaks for the eyebrow comment, I've been using this brow growth thing (maybe it's working). I'm so glad you give your hubby a smile when you see him! you know he loves that! Hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@roslyn Isn't it gorgeous!

BonafideLatina~ said...

adding it to my wishlist!!! :)
your smiling pic should be in a magazine miss covergirl :)

Red lips, Black hair said...


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