You Need: Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronze Tint and Weekend Updates

Hey loves, how was your weekend? Mine was great, went to IMATS, saw two of my fave youtube gurus and did a few other things, but we'll get into that later on in the post, for now let's talk beauty. Today in NYC, it's expected to hit 90 degrees. That's crazy (and a little scary, Global Warming!). Now when it's this hot, I always  wear a primer. Primers ensure that your makeup stays on all day and doesn't seep into your pores, making you look a hot splotchy mess. I've been using this primer for a minute and I'm shocked I haven't reviewed it yet. It's Too Faced Primed & Poreless SPF 20 with Bronze Tint. This is one of my fave primers for a few reasons. 1) it contains SPF 20 (not many primers contain spf) 2) not only does it act as a primer, but it also leaves your skin with a very pretty medium bronze tint. Hello self tanner and primer in one!!!

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3) It ensures that my makeup stays on all day. 4) It controls oil pretty well. I get a good six hours of wear with this before I need to use my oil blotting sheets. When I apply this, along with my tinted moisturizer, my skin looks almost glowing. It's a beautiful combination and my skin feels like silk when I use this and my makeup seems to apply more evenly. I love this stuff. One of my fave primers.

Julie G's eyebrows are my dream brows!!

Anyway, how was your weekend. On Saturday I headed over to IMATS. I'm a huge fan of Julie G youtube guru (over 350,000 subscribers and fellow Latina). I wanted to talk to her about some projects I'm working on that I'd like to involve her in, and I was so impressed by how humble she was. First of all, I met her like two years ago, and she still remembered meeting me. She was also incredibly gracious to all of her supporters. She has a new nail polish line out and the colors are so gorgeous.

She deserves all of her success. I then stopped and saw that Kandee Johnson was speaking. She's another youtuber (over 900,000 subscribers) that  I like but unfortunately, I couldn't stay to meet her. However, i heard her speech and she is so inspirational. I love her message of believing in yourself. Anyway, I bought a few products at IMATS,  but I was so tired.  I fell asleep on the subway heading home. When it was my stop, I woke up from my deep sleep and ran out of the train forgetting that I had left my bag of products next to me. By the time I remembered, the train had closed it's doors, and it was already moving. The last thing I saw was the woman  that had been sitting next to me going through the bag. Oh well, I hope she enjoys the products. (Never cry over anything you can't control.). But, I had gotten some JulieG polishes, and a brush.

On Sunday after spending the morning at the park/pool teaching a certain someone how to swim

 Mr. Milly and I went out alone for a stroll in the village to pick up some artwork for his office. He saw this and loved it.

All in all a fun weekend. How was your weekend. Did you guys do anything fun?




Catherine said...

Thanks for the primer review, it definitely sounds worth a try. I love the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, so hopefully this would work for me too. Sorry to hear that you lost your bag of products, but sounds like you had a great weekend overall.

BonafideLatina~ said...

sounds like a great weekend!!! :)

you look fab in that last pic :)

Danielle said...

I'm totally going to try this primer. That sucks about your bag, but hopefully it'll bring the woman some joy (and plenty of side eyes from the people around her who noticed she took your

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