6 TIPS to Keep Your Hair HEALTHY This Summer

Swimming At The Pool

Coloring  my hair has been such a great experience. For some reason, with this light hair, I feel more alive, more awake, more adventurous! But the fact is, now that my hair has been highlighted, I need to take care of it a lot more. The problem is, I love doing everything that's damaging. I love swimming in the ocean and pool.  I love hanging out poolside when the sun is out in all of it's glory drinking an apple martini. But all of this  exposes my hair to the damaging effects of chlorine, salt water, and the harmful rays of the sun (which can be very drying to your hair). Here are six things to do to protect your tresses from feeling and looking a hot mess during the summer: Click below to read more.

1) Before jumping into chlorinated water,  add water to your hair. Years ago, I found out that when Europeans apply deep conditioner, they do it when their hair is dry.  Unlike here, where we apply when hair is wet. When I asked my friend and hairstylist Pierre why they did that,  he told me because dry hair absorbs everything a lot faster. He suggested when I go in any chlorinated water to make sure my hair is wet with regular water beforehand so that it didn't absorb as much chlorine. I've been doing that for years.

2) We all know how much I'm obsessed with coconut oil! I think it was the very first thing I blogged about 5 years ago (yes July 8 is this blog's anniversary). I love coconut oil, and swear by it. Put a little coconut oil in your hair before jumping in the pool. Because of the oil's tiny structure it is the only oil that is proven to penetrate the hair shaft and it will help protect your hair while in the pool. 

3) Use Hair SPF. UVB rays can fade your hair color big time and make your hair look dull and dry.. Many brands like Aveda, Renee Furterer, and Redken have Hair SPF's. This is super important for the health of your hair.

4) After you get out of the chlorine, immediately wash your hair. If this isn't an option, then carry a deep conditioner with you, and put it on right after you get out of the water.

5) Invest in a hat. Hats are cool now or days. You can set some real chic ones and they block out the sun's harmful rays. 

6) Finally after getting out of the water or sun exposure use a product that gives your hair color a boost.  Giovanni Colorflage series is one of my fave products. It brings out the natural highlights of your hair with goji and coffee. When I had black hair, I used the one for black hair. Now that my hair is brown, I use the one for brown hair. It really brings out the color in my hair, and makes it look so shiny and radiant. Love it.

Hope this helps!




EbonyYoungin said...

Awesome Awesome tips. I definitely already incorporate a lot of that. Instead of water, I apply conditioner before swimming. I find that it protects and helps maintain some moisture. A quick question, where do you purchase Giovanni Colorflage?

yeanbell101 said...
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beautylogicblog said...

@ebonyyoungin it's sold in drugstores hon, or vitacost.com

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