New Laura Mercier Nude Silk Nail Polish Fall 2012

It's hard to believe that I'm reviewing a "Fall" beauty product when tomorrow is officially the beginning of Summer and Thursday in NYC, we are set to hit 100 degrees. But yes, I recently received the Laura Mercier Nude Silk Nail Polish, part of her new Fall 2012 collection. Although this color isn't as bright as I usually wear, (in the summer I'm always rocking bright neons or designs on my nails) for some reason, I find myself so drawn to it and I've been rocking Nude Silk for the last few days. 

Nude Silk is a medium toffee cream finish polish. I guess it's what you call a "work friendly" shade. It applied with no streaks and two coats is what I used in these pics. I like it alot! Yesterday I went to a beauty meeting, and got a lot of compliments on how it looked great next to my brown skin. All in all, if you're looking for a polish that you can wear a for any occasion, look no further than Laura Mercier's Nude Silk Polish. I believe it will be available beginning late June for $18.00.

What do you think of the polish?

Are you wearing Nudes on your nails this summer?




Nora said...

oww i want it.
My fav nude for summer its 'prelude to a kiss' (orly) amazing peach nude.


My top5 : Nail polish for this summer :

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