Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

I love to self tan. (Shout out to St. Tropez!). I was born brown, but during the summer, I want to be as bronze as possible. But when I self tan, I can't use my beloved Clarisonic so much, because it exfoliates so well, it removes my tan within a day or two. So during the summer, I use my Clarisonic about once or twice a week. In the past, I used these so called,  "Gentle Cleaners, but I found that I had to wash my face like 10 times before all of my makeup was removed. Step in my beloved Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil. It's from Bobbi's latest collection, and I'm really loving it. The oil contains Jasmine Flower extract, Kukui oil, and  Jojoba oil. With all these oils, you'd think your face would break out. Not at all. What it does do is remove every single trace of my makeup. And believe you me, Milly wears a lot of makeup. I can only use this at night because the scent is very calming and soothing. It smells like there's a hint of lavender in it. If I used this in the morning, I'd probably fall right back to sleep.  I actually take a bit of the oil, press my hands together to warm the oil and then mix it with some water,  massage my face with it. As I do that, not only am I giving my face a good facial massage and warding off wrinkles, but I'm taking all of my makeup off as well (including my waterproof mascara). Make sure you do a facial massage three times a week, you'll see a difference in your face.  What I love about this also, is that it takes very little to remove my makeup.  I then wash the oil off of my face with warm water.  I'm left with super soft, hydrated, smooth, and makeup free skin, and with the slight scent that lingers, I find myself sleeping like a baby.

All in all an A+ product.

Do you like oil cleansers?

What are your faves?

This product retails for $42.00 which may be a lot, but this oil is so big, it will last forever. 

By the way: did you guys catch my bestest on Single Ladies yesterday? Wasn't she amazing. So proud of her,



Maryam Maquillage said...

wonderful review Milly. I have acne-prone skin, so I'm super hesitant to try oils... though I must agree with you, there is just nothing better for the summer -- isn't harsh on the face or the tan hehe

Hafsa said...

I absolutely love oil cleansers, I find that oil and balm cleansers are the only things capable of removing ALL of my make-up without leaving a single trace. I definitely want to try this out, I've never thought to use any Bobbi Brown skincare products.

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