Essie Mirror Metallics Collection 2012 Summer

Hey loves, how was your weekend. I hope better than mine. We'll talk more about it later,  but for now,let's talk beauty.  On Friday I headed to the drugstore to get lil man some baby Tylenol,  and noticed that Essie had a new collection out. What? I thought, Another summer collection. Turns out, the new Essie collection  is their Mirror Metallics Collection. The collection contains 5 metallics. I picked up four, and am in love with each and every one of them. Click below to see swatches and read my review:

Essie Nothing Else Metals-A very pale metallic lilac. You can easily get away with one coat with this one. Matter of fact, you can get away with one coat with all of them. That's how rich they are. These don't apply as streaky as many metallic's which is great. 

Essie Penny Talk-Many peeps are predicting this color will be the It color of the Season. Penny talk is a gorgeous rose gold. Stunning on, and perfection on tan skin. I did notice a little bit of streakiness applied. One coat is all you need, but I used two.

Essie Good As Gold-A rich gold polish. One coat is fine with this. But I used two coats.

Essie Blue Rhapsody-an Icy blue metallic-My fave color. Love it. Two coats.

All in all this collection is pretty awesome. Essie says that you won't find streakiness, but I did find some with Penny Talk and Good as Gold. I really like this collection, and will be rocking it a lot this summer, especially Penny Talk and Blue Rhapsody. Anyway, how was your weekend. Mine was the worst. Lil man was incredibly sick. We're talking 104 degree fever, blisters all over his mouth, turns out he has something called Coxsackle virus. It is scary as heck but apparently very common especially during the summer. After three days his fever has finally gone down, but man that was rough. I didn't sleep for 3 days straight. I'm a zombie right now.

What did you think of this collection?

Do you love it too?

What's your fave shade?




Huma said...

I LOVE the lilac! Thanks for posting. I can't wait to try out the color!

Ms. G said...

Glad lil man is feeling better!

Cocoa said...

Aww. Hope your son is all better! Thanks for the review! I like the blue, as well!

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