Neutrogena Shine Control Primer Review

Neutrogena has released their new Shine Control line and they sent over a few things. One of them being their Shine Control Primer. They guarantee with this primer,  that you won't be shiny for 8 hours. If you live in NYC, you know the weather has been so nasty, hot, and disgusting. It's enough to make you crazy.  During the summer, my skin becomes one greasy mess, so when a product promises no shine for eight hours, I'm listening.  This product is a lot thicker than other primers. It's white, not clear, and contains Rice Protein complex which Neutrogena says, " acts like a sponge to absorb excess oil." This product doesn't feel like silicone like many other primers. It's actually pretty thick. It also contains tiny granules. You really have to rub the product on your face to make it clear and to smooth out those very tiny grains.  At first I was like "What the heck?." but the end result is so worth it.  First of all, after really rubbing it in, my makeup applied very evenly and looked pretty flawless and matte. Now, does this live up to it's 8 hour promise. Almost.  In the nasty NYC squelching heat, my skin looked great for a good 7 hours.  You don't understand, that's pretty awesome. It has been HOT!!! We're talking close to a 100 degrees.  But, after about seven hours, I did notice the oil slightly coming back on my nose area.  Would I purchase? Sure, it's $12.99 and I know some primers that cost more than $20.00 that don't get these results.

What's your go to primer?

How are you keeping cool in this heat?




Sherry said...

Sounds nice, but I don't think I'd like the thick quality! Guess I'll stick with my MoM, for the summer at least.

Kimmiepooh said...

i've been looking for a new primer to try since I'm almost out of my Smashbox primer. It gets super humid in Memphis (and our temps have hovered at or around 100 degrees for the last month) so anything that keeps your face from sliding off is great. For that price, definitely worth trying it out!

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