New Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips

A few months ago on the blog,  I recommended my secret tooth whitener. The one that had turned my after braces yellow teeth to pearly whites. It was my hidden secret for years, but you should know this about me, when it comes to beauty, I can't keep secrets. I love to spread  the word when it comes to beauty products that work.  Here's the problem though, after recommending my secret tooth whitener, they are now sold out. I'm so devastated. The guy told me he has no idea when he'll have more in stock.  Oh NO!!!

A big problem is, before 10am,  I drink my  cup of Cafe bustelo, my Shoumei White Tea (powerful antioxidant) and my beloved smoothie. These all contribute to yellow teeth. And sometimes, a girl just doesn't have time to brush after every single drink. So here's a product that I've been trying and so far so good. It's Rembrandt's newest Intense Stain Stain Dissolving Strips. After drinking all my drinks, I take two strips, one for my top teeth and one for my bottom teeth. You apply this like you would regular whitening strips, but here's the kicker, you leave these on, and they dissolve in your mouth, stopping any stains from setting. I often do this on an empty  elevator, or in a cab rushing to work, quick easy 123. So far, my teeth are still white, and I love the convenience of these. I also feel like they freshen your breath too, which is great, because after a smoothie, coffee and tea, I'm sure my breath isn't smelling so fresh. HA! FYI: do you know many peeps say  yellow teeth ages you more than wrinkles! So whiten up those teeth. 

All in all this gets an A.

What are you using to keep your teeth pearly white?

Have you tried these?

 How was your weekend?

Mine was great, will get into it more tomorrow.




Nikia said...

I just gargle for 1-2 minutes with hydrogen peroxide before brushing my teeth. Works great, and its the so ridiculously cheap.

Maryam Maquillage said...

I'm obsessed with white teeth and I love trying new products!!! thanks for the recommendation doll face :))

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