Butter London Fall 2012 Collection Review And Swatches

(Update-Apologies, yesterday when I published both of my blog posts, my writing corrections were not saved. It has been fixed now. )
Butter London's new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection has me "Gobsmacked." lol. If you're British, you know what this means. I know my fellow Americans are like, "huh?". Well that basically means the collection has left me shocked.  I'm not really shocked, but I wanted to use that word, "Gobsmacked" in a sentence. However, I am impressed with it. The colors are pretty gorgeous.    They've released the beautiful BeSpoke collection and their Autumn/Winter Lippys. I'll be reviewing some of each here.  Butter London has a huge following and I've always wondered why. However, after testing their last few collections, I can honestly say, I'm a believer. Their colors are rich, cruelty free, unique, and apply like a dream. Click below to read my review:

First of all, can we talk about how funny the names are!  The first polishes I'm reviewing are from the Bespoke collection.

Dodgy Barnett-this  means a "bad hairdo."  I love that. This shade is so interesting. In certain lighting, it looks a bit gray but in the sun, it transforms into  silver sparkles with  hints of blue. Just gorgeous. 

Gobsmacked-This shade means, "utterly astounded." The perfect name for this unusually stunning shade. I've never seen its equal. A charcoal gray polish with bits of silver and light green glitter  You would think with all of this glitter that the color would be hard to remove. I took this color off with no problems and no glitter mess anywhere.   I know I will be rocking it heavily in the winter.

Butter London has also released their Autumn Lippy Winter Collection.

 Queen Vic -a red wine with cranberry. A cream finish. Two coats with this one.

Here's the matching Lippy. I fell in love with the lippy so hard. It's a little pinker than the nail polish,  and it last for a good three hours before reapplication. So beautiful. Feels hydrating and no stickiness at all.

Here's Tea With the Queen -a pink tan cream finish polish. Perfect for work. Two coats is what I used here.

Here's the matching lippy-This color is a little too light pink for me, but it may work for someone else. Very hydrating and again, pretty long lasting.

All in all, I see what the hype is with this brand. Yes, they are pretty expensive at $14.00 a piece, but you should see the other three colors in the Bespoke collection. They are so unique, interesting, and gorgeous. Can't wait to get my hands on more Butter London.

Speaking of London, Mr. Milly is there for the Olympics as a guest of the USA wrestling team and look who he ran into-Gymnastics Olympian, Gabby Douglas.

I'm so jealous. I love Gabby Douglas.

What are your thoughts on Butter London?

Will you be picking up any of them?

Find out more info on them here.




Red lips, Black hair said...

The Queen Vic Lippy looks SO good on you!

Huma said...

I love the dodgy barnett nail color!

Maryam Maquillage said...

omg I LOVE these colors!!! P. S. I love your nail shape, it's perfect for some nail art dahhhhlingggg :)))

beautylogicblog said...

@redlipsblack hair, thanks mama!!

beautylogicblog said...

@huma I loved Dodgy Barnett too, and how cool is that name!

beautylogicblog said...

@maryammaquillage yeah! can't wait till you get all creative with my nails on wed. woohoo!

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