Let's Meet on August 16 "Beauty Editors Day" At Saks

Hey friends,

On August 16, Saks is having a really cool event that I'm so happy to be a part of. It's "Beauty Editors Day" to benefit " Look Good Feel Better," an organization  that benefits women with Cancer.   From 12-7, you can consult with your favorite beauty editors for 20 minutes. I'll be with this fabulous brand called "Ioma." As you girls know, I only talk, blog, or represent things that I believe in 100%, and I"m really into this brand. They are the first "Evidence Based" skincare line in the world. They have this machine at the booth, that gives you a skin analysis, and the info you can learn about your skin from this device is incredible.  How much UV damage you have, if you have early winkles, etc. It's so high-tech and I'm so  excited  to be a part of it. Plus you get a really cool bag worth over $60.00! You know Milly loves giving away things! And we get to meet. YAY! I promise you I'm really friendly in person. :-)
I'll be on, The Today Show the day before, so I'll try to get you Al Roker's autograph. (JK-well if you want it, I'll get it)
But, we can talk girl talk, beauty, friendships, kegel devices (just kidding) and maybe how we are making our dreams come true. Whatever you want.

Please spread to your friends. 

Hope to meet you soon.




Lauren said...

Praying I will be healed from my wisdom tooth surgery to be in NYC for this ! I am planning to come up in mid August and this would be amazing !

alx said...

Oh this sounds too cool! I'd like to try this device, it might be helpful for me in my quest for better skin.

I will try to go if my schedule allows.

Plus it'd be cool to meet you!

xoxo Kellz* said...

I'm so there cant wait to meet u too Im friendly too so Im sure its gonna be great yay!!

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