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I never do fashion post. Let's be honest, Milly isn't a fashionista... AT ALL. But, when I posted this pic of myself yesterday on Facebook, I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. And when I wore it on the streets of NY, a few peeps told me they liked it So, I wanted to give the deets on it because the whole outfit was less than $50.00.

Forever 21 Shirt-The shirt I originally bought was $6.99, but I no longer see it on the site. This one is pretty similar though. 

Forever 21 Skirt-Again, this isn't the exact skirt I bought because I purchased it last year. But this one looks very similar and it's cheaper. Mine was $22.00, this one is $15.80.

 Forever 21 Shoes-They no longer sell these or anything like them on the site. :-( I paid $22.00 for the shoes.

What do you think of this outfit?
Would you have styled it differently?




Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Lovely skirt, and the top as well beautiful color on you.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous..

melkel said...

You look beautiful! Like a million $.

melkel said...

You look like a million bucks!

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