Run and Get the Living Proof Prime Style Extender Now-Review

Hey loves! how have you guys been? I hope great. Have you ever tried a hair product that made you so happy that you wanted to do a backflip? That's how I felt after using the new - Living Proof Prime Style Extender. It's so good, I had to feature it in the October Cosmo For Latinas. I'll admit when I  first heard of this product and what it claimed to do, I was super skeptical. The product promises to maintain your hairstyle until your next shampoo. It's supposed to be formulated with a miracle molecule that totally blocks humidity, and moisture. It's supposed to repel oil and dirt, keeping your hair cleaner and style longer. Let's be real-that doesn't sound possible, especially for me since I only wash my hair twice a week.  (I  like my hair to maintain it's natural PH, and not remove it's natural oils.) Anyway, usually after a few days of not washing my hair, it looks greasy, and that's when I have to grab my dry shampoo, so I was super skeptical- but now, I'm a believer.  Click below to read about why I am super impressed with it.

When I brought this product to my Dominican stylist, she complained that it would probably make my hair greasy and weigh it down. But, after washing my hair, she generously applied this serum like product throughout my tresses (all the while complaining to me in Spanish that she would not be re-doing my hair for free if it came out looking oily). Anyway, after I sat in the dryer for about an hour, and she took the rollers out, and actually styled my hair, even she was impressed. First of all, you know when you blow dry your hair, and you get those stray hairs that stick up on top, the ones that make you look like you got electrocuted, I had none of those after using this. Also, my hair was ridiculously soft, and shiny, and so full of bounce.  But here's what was the most amazing part. Even after three days of not washing my hair, I didn't have to use a dry shampoo. My hair was not greasy at all, and not only that, but i still had a good amount of volume and definition in my hair.  It definitely didn't look like I stepped out of the salon, but it still looked pretty fantastic. I also love the scent of this, it smells very citrusy. This is such a great time saver. I've used it after doing my own hair, and I still get the same results. I love that it actually does what it claims to do. It really works!! Give it a whirl-I think you'll love it.

It retails for $20 bucks, and will last forever. I've been using it for over two months and still have a lot left.

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Huma said...

Ah, this is exactly what I need! I am going to try it out, thanks for sharing!!!

kepsgrl said...

Sounds FANTASTIC! Can't wait to try it out myself and share with my daughter!

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