Hair With Adore Hair Dye

Adore Hair Dye Review: The Best Product I’ve Ever Tried

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As a woman with problematic, overly bleached hair, I’ve experienced issues with choosing an appropriate hair dye. But that was right before I found, what I believe to be the best semi-permanent dye for all types of hair. Yes, I’m talking about Adore hair dye here.

Adore hair dye got me at being super affordable for anyone. A bottle of that dye, which equals 4 oz, will cost you anywhere between $5-$6. While many other brands of hair dye at this price range turn out to be dangerous for your hair, the Adore product is totally opposite.

After the first use, I didn’t notice any changes in my hair structure. Even when it dried and I was able to brush my hair, it felt amazingly silky and smooth. The secret of the brand is that they are trying to avoid adding any harmful chemicals to the products. Adore also doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it’s fine for girls with thinner or damaged hair. There isn’t any ammonia or peroxide in this dye, which is good for gals with bleached hair.

The first thing you’ll notice as you’re unpacking your bottle of the dye is its wonderful scent. I got used to dyes having little to no smell at all, but this one has something reminding me of a tutti-frutti kind of smell.

Adore Hair Dye Colors

As for its coloring abilities, I’ve used many different colors from Adore and can tell you a few things about this brand. Their color differences are absolutely amazing, and I’ve tried both pastel palettes and brighter palettes. When I went with Purple Rage, and it was the first Adore dye I used, I noticed that the color I turned out with was no different from the promised color. As for me, this is a huge success, as other brands can’t accomplish this effect.

Another cool thing about their colors is that those don’t bleed even a little. This dye is highly pigmented, so the fact that you can save that color is truly amazing. Unfortunately, (but inevitably) this dye fades, but I could give it 5 stars for durability. When I colored my hair Cotton Candy, the color managed to stay for 3-4 weeks before I noticed that it starts to fade.

Their vast palette of colors allows you find a perfect shade for yourself. As I am also a fan of experiments, I tried adding some conditioner (white based) to create a smoother, more pastel look. If you’re looking for some fun, try mixing two colors. I did mix my Pink Rose with Indigo Blue to have an extraordinary look once.

How Long Does It Last

A bottle of 4 oz will also last long. I have pretty long hair that goes to the mid back, but I managed to save plenty of that mixture. If you’re going to dye your ends, that would be even easier for you. And I could tell you that even if you don’t bleach, putting any bright color of Adore on dark ends will really make your ends bright.

Because I’ve used many semi-permanent things before, I know a few general rules you have to follow. You have to wash your head before you apply Adore, which will allow you open up your cuticle. But remember that conditioning only comes after, so you can close your cuticle. This would allow you save that bright amazing Adore color that you see on a box.