Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes In 2019

In Makeup by Akina

Finding the mascara you like to keep those lashes full and gorgeous is quite easy — there are hundreds of brands and shades available in the market and all you …

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Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas For 2019

In Nails by Roxanne Adams

There’s just something about going to the salon to get your nails done and we’ve compiled a bunch of Valentine’s Day nail ideas. These beautiful inspirations will instantly transform you, …


In Makeup by Akina

The eyelashes and the eyelids are the closest to the eyes and more often than not, these areas get irritated when applying eye make-up. Most women with sensitive eyes complain …

The Leading Cruelty-Free Makeup Companies

In Makeup by Roxanne Adams

People expect a lot from makeup brands. Not only do many customers want products to do exactly what they say on the label, but they want to know that the …

Best Organic Hair Dye

In hair, Hair Products by Akina

Almost every woman dye their hair on a regular basis. Some to cover gray hair, others, to sport a new look. And for many years, it has become quite a …

Ideas for Women Who Want a Sexy Tattoo

In Tattoos by Katherine

Where tattoos were previously the domain of men, it’s more socially acceptable than ever before for women to get inked as well. Whereas before, a tattooed woman would be regarded …

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Box Twists Guide – Made Easy

In hair by Roxanne Adams

Box twists are not only gorgeous, but they are quickly becoming extremely trendy and retro. This hairstyle is known for being one of those hairdos that are exceptionally low maintenance; …

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The Ultimate Guide to Invisible Braids

In hair by Roxanne Adams

Invisible braids have been around for a long time and they’re known for being trendy and popular amongst both celebs and models. In case you’re thinking of getting this hairstyle, …

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Marley Twists Guide

In hair by Roxanne Adams

If you’re a fan of Bob Marley then you definitely will know where Marley twists come from. This vibrant hairstyle never fails to turn heads and is super edgy. It …