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10 Beautiful Tattoo Designs of Flowers

Feminine, beautiful, and graceful, flower tattoos have been the rage these days. They evoke a universal feeling in every human and come with their own meaning.

With tattoo becoming a new trend these days, flower designs have been all the rage among both the men and women. They personify the beautiful feeling of grace, beauty, nature, and also hold a deep symbolic meaning.

Moreover, they incorporate a myriad of designs in different types depending on the color, size, and number. Be it a lotus design, rose, sunflower or marigold, each of the flower tattoo design has its own identity and importance. And one of the unique features about these tattoos is that they can be placed on any part of the body to exemplify grace.

If you also have been looking for a minimalist yet appealing design, these tattoo flower designs are sure to give you the inspiration you need!

The Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo

Source: Wide Updates

The sunflowers are pure love for they reflect the real loyalty for the sun!

These beautiful mustard-yellow flowers are eye-catchy as tattoos. The bright shade with long and easy-going petals, make these tattoos the attractive of all.

These tattoos behold good luck for the owner. They are said to engulf all the positive vibes and opportunities coming their way. Thereby, along with the beauty, they have a more compelling reason to be chosen!

The Cherry Blossom Design

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Credit: InkMe

The beauty of these tattoos beholds the eyes!

The Japanese and Chinese women are so in love with these blossoming cherries. This design represents femininity and the grace that women carry. The beautiful amalgamation of the colors makes these tattoos incredible.

The standard size of these tattoos makes them the en masse favorite!

The Daisy Design

Daisy Tattoo

Credit: Tattoos Time

For all the nature lovers, across the globe!

The daisy design tattoo is simple and yet complex. It needs a graceful soul to carry it with elegance. These lovely tattoos carry the purity and freshness.

The daisy tattoos are quite favorable among the nature lovers. The colored and the black and white daisies are in trend for the women in specific. Also, people tattoo these daisies in various sizes, and the daisies look beautiful in all!

The Floral Spine Design Tattoo


The Spine tattoo design is the prettiest of all!

If you are a backless lover, this tattoo is definitely for you. The elegance that the spine tattoo beholds is commendable. It elevates the grace of your outfit four folds.

It’s subtle and sophisticated in one go. These classy tattoos can be accompanied by wordings as in the picture attached, to make the tattoo touch the chord. These beautiful flower spine tattoos portray liveliness.

The Poppy Floral Tattoo


poppy floral tattoo

Source: Tattooza

The poppies are everyone’s favorites!

The poppies are prevalent across the world and receive love across the globe. The mesmerizing color combinations and the effortless elegance make these tattoos portray the beauty that nature withholds.

The poppies are bound to help you catch some eyes on you and would make you stand out proud amidst masses.

Black and White Shadowed Flower Tattoos

The flowers are known for their colors!

But they have an essence to behold beyond the colors. Simple outlined flower designs or the shadowed flower designs are quite in trend.

The shoulders and the ankles are usually seen tattooed with these black and white floral designs. They look cool on the neck as well.

Cute Wrist Flower Tattoos


These tattoos are for the pretty college going girlies!

The cute wrist tattoos are cute and distinct than the other tattoos. You may carve out any flower on the wrist as per your liking. What can be more rewarding?

Watercolor Tulip Tattoo


These tattoos are intense, bold and signifiers of spring!

The tulips represent love and royalty. The watercolor tulip tattoos are carved in vivid colors ranging from blacks to yellows.

These represent hope and happy thoughts and the arrival of the happiness of spring.

Colorful Flowers Tattoo


The colors are what represent the flowers!

The colorful flowers tattoos give the beholder an amalgamation of all the colors to cherish. It also enhances the character of the person having it.

Grey Rose Floral Tattoo


The grey comes from the mixture of black and white, the two most powerful colors.

Grey flowers stand for conservative nature along with being elegant and formal. The grey floral design on the wrists is true love. They look stylish and powerful altogether!

All the floral designs hold some significance. The above listed are the en masse favorites. See what works the best for you!

Happy florals!