A Beginners Guide to Havana Twists

Havana twists are the perfect hairstyle to get, especially during winter. They look sensational and are very easy to pull off. We’re loving all the hype around this braiding styling because of how retro and refreshing it looks.

In this beginners guide, we will discuss what the best hair options are for the Havana twist and we will also concentrate on a quick and easy guide. Read on to find out everything there is to know about this stunning hairdo.

The best type of hair for Havana Twists

It’s always important to do some research to better inform yourself about the different hair types. Each braiding style might require a different type of hair. For instance, for this braiding option, you will need Havana hair extensions.

Prepping the hair

Before doing this hairstyle there are a few key points to do beforehand. You will first need to wash the hair and detangle it so that there are no knots. Next, avoid relaxing your hair prior to getting this hairstyle because the end results will be affected. Do use a deep moisturizing conditioner to help hydrate and protect the hair.

How to get the look

*You will need 3-4 packs of Havana hair extensions for this tutorial.

Remove any knots

Start by brushing out washed and dried hair to remove and tangles in your hair.

Part up sections

Use a comb and part out sections of the hair. Try to keep the parting neat and work with square sections. If you cannot get the parting right at the back of your head don’t sweat it. Just make sure that the front sections are as neat as possible.

Apply Gel

Start by working with the front section of the part and apply your favorite gel to the edges of your natural hair. Next, simply twist the piece (that is in your square parting) right to the bottom.

Add the hair pieces

Take the Havana hairpieces and use your index finger to gently make some space for where your natural hair can be added.

Crochet method

Use a crochet needle and place it at the base of your twist that you have done in the previous step. Open the latch of the crochet needle and slowly add on the hairpiece. Once you have added the hairpiece pull it through to close.
Then, get the bottom of the Havana hair and pull it through to the top. Tighten the hair so that it’s completely secure.

Twist and tuck

After you have tightened the hair you will need to tuck the hair in by twisting it. You will need to continue this process until there is no longer any hair to tuck away.

Repeat on the entire head


Taking care of this hairstyle will allow you to have it in for a longer period of time. It is best advised to keep the hair from getting completely soaked. The best method of “washing the hair” is to either use a dry shampoo or opt for an apple cider vinegar and water rinse. All you really need to do is wet a cotton ball and dab it onto the scalp by slowly rubbing it in.

Marley twists VS Havana Twists

Many people often get confused with Marley twists and the Havana twist. While it does look similar, the two twists differ quite a bit. One such major difference is that the Havana hair extensions are slightly on the pricier side. Also, the twists are a lot fuller compared to a Marley twist.

Are Havana twists better?

This question is definitely up for debate; but here are a quick few facts:

  • The Havana twist is a lot more expensive than other braids
  • Havana twists are extremely lightweight; making it perfect for swimmers
  • The hair quality isn’t dense and does not get heavy when the hair gets wet
  • Havana hair looks a lot more natural because of the texture of the hair
  • There is no need to seal the hair at the tips because the strands just work together.
  • Havana twists are versatile and can be worn in a bun, loose, or tied back into a ponytail.


Havana twists are a great option and honestly don’t take that long to do. It might be a bit tricky to do on yourself if you haven’t done it before, but it gets better once you get the hang of it.

Now that we have covered the basics you can decide on whether or not this hairstyle is for you. Experiment and see what you prefer and also what suits you.