Tanning At The Beach After Using Indoor Tanning Lotion

Best 5 Indoor Tanning Lotions for a Perfect Look

As a person who loves tanned skin (and also who looks like Snow White most of the time), I have to spend time on a tanning bed quite regularly. Somehow indoor tanning suits me better. Of course, for a better result, you have to use an indoor tanning lotion. I’ve tried dozens of products, but I would highlight only five of them.

My Top 5 Indoor Tanning Lotions

  1. Millenium tanning: Paint it

    This is by far the best option for ladies with fair skin tones. Although it seems to be working well with all skin types, even Snow Whites like me can be sure that they won’t burn. Another cool thing is that it’s really good for indoor and outdoor tanning both, so you don’t have to get another bottle for yourself. Its smell is another story – you will forget about unpleasant scents forever.

  2. Jwoww Tanning Lotion: One and Done.

    I love this one for it yogurt base, though you will only fully understand its benefits if you use it for a while. It has a really rich formula with vitamins, Shea butter and black currant oils. This lotion leaves your skin silky smooth for a while. The only minus is that it’s not an option for those people who seldom do indoor tanning, you need to use this one more often.

  3. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses.

    As the name points, this one has coconut oil in it and smells like delicious coconut candy. I noticed that when I’m using this product I usually get a darker tone, and somehow it even gets darker when I leave my tanning place. If you have a tattoo, this indoor tanning lotion takes care of it, so you don’t have to be afraid of damage.

  4. Designer Skin Black.

    This is the perfect choice for the very beginners in skin tanning. It applies really easily, leaves a nice smooth feeling and smells somewhat citrusy. Most people seem to be satisfied with it and I believe it to be a purchase worth $47, it lasts for a long time. Another perk here, this lotion leaves a nice feel on your skin even after you’re out of your indoor tanning place.

  5. Millenium Tanning: Insanely Black.

    This indoor tanning lotion is only for your body, so you better keep it away from your face. I appreciate it as it does the job really fast, even though my first time I was really scared of it. The price doesn’t bite, it’s about $13, which is nothing for a huge bottle you’ll be getting. Be careful, my first time I was surprised with sudden burning feeling. Actually, it cools down and looks really nice after.

You have to remember to run a test before you actually get any of these indoor tanning lotions and go to your indoor tanning place. Those worked really well for me, and my skin is really picky. If yours is not, you will find them good choices. And remember that none of these were designed for kids, so they are pretty strong.