Best Charcoal Eyeliner

The eyeliner is the unsung hero of the makeup world. The transformational glam that comes with it is phenomenal. You probably know that there are various kinds of eyeliners. There are the liquid eyeliners, the gel eyeliners, and the pen eyeliners.

Before you pick eyeliner from the store and sit down for that eye makeup, ensure to be particular on the color and the brand. The charcoal color is a sure choice color. The shade blends particularly well with the brown eyes and the green eyes.

Charcoal eyeliner is an ideal alternative to the traditional black color. Once you are settled on the color, now select your eyeliner brand carefully. The areas around the eye are quite sensitive ones thus calling for extra caution.

L’oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner, Black

L’oreal Paris infallible never fail Eyeliner lives true to its name of being infallible. The eyeliner is built with a superior long-wearing technology that guarantees you 16 hours of fade- off. You will realize that even at the time of removing it, the eyeliner is still 100% intact.

The eyeliner is quite easy to apply and helps you easily achieve that model or professional look. It distributes evenly with ease and glides on easily.

The eyeliner is specially manufactured with a built-in sharpener to give that perfect pencil art. Not only do you get to make flawless lines but you also get to control the choice of the intensity of the lines. You may choose to have the super slim or the precise lines.

If you wish to get a little wild, use the built-in smudger to bring out a dramatic part of you and achieve a versatile look.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner pencil, Charcoal

Your next recommended stop for the best charcoal eyeliner must be the Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner pencil, charcoal. If you juggle between the classic to the dramatic look, then this is the eyeliner for you.

With this eyeliner, the hustle of sharpening the eyeliner pencil becomes a thing of the past. The eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener that always keeps the pencil tip sharp. The sharp pencil tip makes it easy to make the fine and precise lines for that classic look.

And when it’s time to get all dramatic, use its built-in smudger directly when you are done applying the shade and achieve a perfect dramatic look.

Another incredible feature of the eyeliner is that it gives you up to 16 hours of wear. No matter the weather, the eyeliner’s waterproof formula gives long-lasting wear. The Revlon ColorStay is Ophthalmological tested making it safe for use.

CoverGirl Perfect Point PLUS eyeliner

Do you work for long hours and wish your eyeliner to stay as long? Well, get yourself the CoverGirl Perfect Point, PLUS eyeliner. Manufactured by the award-winning makeup brand, CoverGirl, the eyeliner is a top choice for the best charcoal eyeliners.

The eyeliner comes with a self -sharpening eyeliner pencil, a smudger tip and one charcoal pencil. The self-sharpening eyeliner means that you need not sharpen the pencil at all. The soft smudger tip, on the other hand, ensures you always get a soft and precise line each time. More so, the pencil glides easily, so you always get the point of perfection.

The pencil is easy to hold and handle. You can adjust it manually by clicking and turning into place.

Not only does the eyeliner outlast your day but is also built with specialized technology to give you a classic look. It is quite easy to achieve any look with the CoverGirl Perfect Point PLUS eyeliner.

The pencil is Ophthalmological tested and is covered with plastic lids on both ends which ensures that the eyeliner is protected and stays clean.

stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Graphite (Matte Charcoal Grey)

stila smudge has delivered a waterproof eye liner that is color rich and highly pigmented. The eyeliner glides on easily delivering a highly pigmented and intense color that stays perfectly for long hours.

It comes with a fantastic range of colors that make a statement with a single swipe. The waterproof formula component means you need not worry that the eyeliner will smudge or even fade off quickly.

Making the decision to buy

You probably are among the ladies who admire the eyeliner make up but are hesitant to try it. You need not be hesitant anymore. These brands have spent a fortune in manufacturing these eyeliners to give you a safe to use eye make- up. For starters, our reviewed brands are quite easy to use as the pencils are specially manufactured with easy-to-use technology.

Simply get yourself one of these products in our Best charcoal eyeliners review, and you will love it.