10 Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

Love and heartbreak go hand in hand. And, it is common knowledge that men are not so good at expressing their feelings after a breakup. The next best thing? Choosing from broken heart tattoo designs that talk about what a terrible thing it is to fall in love. Some of these inkings can get pretty graphic depending on just how hurt the wearer of the tattoo is. But, some others also reflect a positive attitude. Let’s talk about the best 10 designs we’ve found in recent times.

Expressive Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

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1. Shattered Shards

You can have this pattern inscribed in color or just black and white in a combination of lighter and bolder lines to create special effects. Your inking artist may also choose to add dots and lighter lines for a more dramatic statement.

2. Choice of Weapons

When looking at broken heart tattoo designs, you’ll find a range of weapons wreaking the damage. For instance, you could choose from arrows piercing the heart or perhaps, daggers making the cut. If you’re okay with some gore, consider experimenting with swords. Though, some users also like the hammer.

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3. Blood and Gore

While on the subject of serious graphic designs, inking artists can give you inscriptions of an actual heart that is badly damaged complete with the colors of blood and flying drops. But, you will need a strong stomach to sport and display this one.

4. The Positive Outlook

If you’ve waited for a while to feel better before approaching the inking artist, you could opt for the design that depicts a needle and thread sewing up the heart. It reflects that the wearer now has some closure and is ready to move on.

5. A Broken Heart as Art

Broken heart tattoo designs need not necessarily indicate emotional trauma. You can also get the cracked heart in black simply as a piece of decorative art. And, any spot is perfect. For instance, the shoulder, ankle, inner elbow, or nape of the neck.

6. Damaged Heart with a Name

Would you like to display the name of the person responsible for the heartbreak you’re going through? Or, maybe, you think you can never forget the moments you shared together. Think about getting the name of your ex inked on the heart.

7. Lost Loved One

Broken heart tattoo designs may not always express a lost relationship. You can also get these inkings to remember a lost sibling, parent, or even, pet. For instance, if you’re getting the tattoo to immortalize the memory of a dog, you could combine a paw print with the heart.

8. Burning Heart

Jagged cracks, blood spatters, gore, and weapons are common themes that depict sorrow and loss. An innovative idea is flames that show a burning heart. Using this motif, the artist would want to express the underlying rage against the broken relationship that still exists in the wearer.

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9. Patched Up Heart

Here’s another idea that reflects a healing attitude. Patterns like these show a heart with patches sewn on showing that the damage has been done but the person sporting it is well on the way to recovery. Band-aids and bandages work too.

10. Mending Heart

How would you like to show yourself rising like a phoenix from the hurt and heartbreak? Work with your inking artist to get as creative as possible. For instance, show a heart with wings rising out of a pyre of flames.

The wonderful thing about broken heart tattoo designs is that soon your feelings will heal and you’ll be ready to put the memories of the experience behind you. Once you feel that it’s time to outgrow the inking and put the past to rest with a new special someone, just make an appointment with the tattoo artist. And, usher in a whole new chapter. Let your inking grow with you!