Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist Meaning and Placement Ideas

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Initially, more men than women were into tattooing. In the present times though, more women are joining the tattoo craze. There are endless ideas for body tattoos all of which are inspired by one’s passion, desires, and likes. One such tattoo idea is the butterfly tattoo. If you have decided to go for a tattoo, a butterfly tattoo on the wrist is your best bet. Here are butterfly tattoo on wrist meaning and placement ideas.

Butterfly tattoo placement ideas

In addition to deciding on the type of butterfly tattoo to use, you will want to decide on the body part to place the tattoo. The choice of the body part largely depends on what meaning you attach to the tattoo. Also, consider whether you want the tattoo to be visible or hidden.

For wearers who wish to have the tattoo in a visible part, use the ankle, foot, and neck. To hide the tattoo, let it engraved on the back, the chest the belly, foot or the thigh. The wrist is a body part that does not fall on either side.

Butterfly tattoo on wrist meaning

1. Transformation

It is said that change is as good as rest, indeed it is so. A butterfly goes through a chronological metamorphosis before it can become a butterfly. It begins as an egg and slowly changes to a caterpillar and finishes as the splendid butterfly we all love to hold. Placing a butterfly tattoo on the wrist is a great reminder to the wearer to embrace the natural changes that occur in life.

2. Elegance

By their nature, butterflies are creatures whose beauty is one to behold. They are created with beautiful and vibrant colors. The butterfly’s tattoo is a constant reminder that life is beautiful.

3. Love

A butterfly tattoo with widely opened wings shows one’s love for people. With the opened wings, the person is seen as one full of love and who welcomes others with open arms.

4. Freedom

The nature of the butterfly is to spread its wings as it flies from one place to the other. A butterfly will only rest at a place it feels comfortable. This is exactly what freedom is. It is the power to make decisions and test new waters without restrictions.

What makes butterfly tattoos on the wrist the best?

One, they are minimal and therefore occupy a small space in the body.

Second, the wrist is an open part. The wearer can easily flaunt the beauty of the tattoo without even noticing it. Placing the tattoo on body parts such as the thigh would mean you have to show so much of the skin to flaunt your tattoo.

Also, placing the tattoo on the wrist gives you the power to control when to reveal the tattoo and when to hide it. You can easily hide the tattoo during a job interview and reveal it when having the candlelit dinner.

Variations in butterfly tattoos

1. 3D butterfly tattoos

3d designs involve the use of angle and shadowing. The 3D design brings out a tattoo in its real form. Looking at the butterfly gives the illusion that it is, in fact, flying over the skin.

2. Small butterfly

Just like butterflies are small insects, the design of a small butterfly depicts a small art. The design is a perfect one to place on the neck, wrist or on the ankle. This tattoo design is most appealing to persons who are a bit reserved.

3. Monarch butterfly

The monarch design involves the use of large butterflies whose wings are painted in orange and the margins in black. The monarch butterfly symbolizes royalty. The Mexicans closely associate the monarch butterfly with a sign of souls returning for the Day of the Dead.

Important tips

Because the wrist is a tiny part, be careful to select a professional artist. Although the wrist has only a small surface area, the tattoo must be properly engraved to bring out the best illusion of a butterfly.

There are different species of butterflies. Before sitting down with your artist, ensure to be specific on the butterfly you want. Preferably, take the photo of the butterfly with you to your artist.

If you are a starter, begin with temporary butterfly tattoos on the wrist, and you can thereafter decide whether you want the tattoo on you permanently.