Dove Tattoo Meaning and Popular Designs

In Tattoos by Katherine

A dove is a white bird that holds a special place among its feathered family. In fact, no bird tattoos are as popular as dove tattoos. This leaves one to wonder why many people are increasing wearing the dove tattoo rather than the sparrows or the parrot tattoos. Here is some popular dove tattoo meaning.

Dove tattoo meaning

Although a dove tattoo meaning will vary from one person to the next, there are certain agreed symbols of a dove tattoo.

1. Love for Jesus

A dove is deeply revered among the Christian religion. The Bible makes several mentions of a dove including in the excerpt of Noah and the ark. A dove has been associated with righteousness. More so, Christians associate the dove with the coming of the Holy Spirit.

2. Purity

A lone dove is a symbol of purity. Engraving the tattoo is a commitment to avoid sexual impurity and thus keep oneself pure.

3. Peace

If you are a peace loving person, then the dove is your best messenger of peace. Since the ancient times, a dove holding an olive branch has been a symbol of peace and harmony.

4. New beginnings

Just like in the Bible’s Noah’s excerpt, a dove is a symbol of fresh beginnings on the wearer’s life.

5. Love for life

The olive branch that is closely put together with a dove is able to survive in hostile conditions. Putting the olive and the dove together symbolizes the willingness to endure because of the love for life.

5 best Dove tattoo ideas

1. Doves with white ink

A dove with white ink is the best art to show purity. The design should be done by a professional artist due to the extra needlework required.

2. The dove and the clock

Adding a clock to the dove tattoo is a great way to give the art a personal meaning. A wearer making a fresh start in their life will like this design because the clock reminds them that the past is gone and that today is a new day.

3.  Multiple doves

The popular design is to wear a single dove. Multiple doves are however spectacular too. You may use this symbol to represent your children or you and your spouse.

4. Dove tattoo with a name

A dove tattoo with a name engraved in it is a nice way to keep memories of persons we love. You may use the person’s initials as opposed to their full names.

5. Dove tattoo with a rose

The combination of a rose flower and a dove tattoo look amazing. The message too is heartwarming because a rose symbolizes love and beauty, and so does the dove.

Body Placement ideas

Upper back

Placing a tattoo on the back is ideal for both men and women. It is an ideal spot for users who love wearing large tattoos.

Behind the ear

Lovers of small tattoos can have the dove tattoo engraved behind the ear. Since a dove is usually small in size, the tattoo looks really good when drawn in their small size.

Below the neck

Placing a tattoo below the neck gives you the power to decide when to hide and when to reveal the tattoo. The tattoo can easily be hidden by wearing a blouse or a shirt for the men.

The place of dove tattoos in matters of love

People use different symbols to show love. Some exchange rings while others wear similar tattoos. A dove tattoo is one of the trendiest symbols of love. A dove tattoo is a symbol of enduring love in that dove’s mate with one partner for the rest of their lives.

Couples are moving away from the traditional wearing of a ring and are now doing a dove tattoo on their ring fingers and the wrist. The popular ideas are to engrave a single or an image of two weddings on some part of your body.