Family Tree Tattoo Design Ideas

In Tattoos by Katherine

Are you looking for a tattoo design that depicts the love of your family all in one art? Well, the family tattoo is that piece of art.  Just like a tree has roots, the stem and branches, a family tree tattoo design acts as a reminder of the past, the present and the future of the family. In modern times, the tattoo design is becoming more popular as tattoo artists create more and more designs of the family tree tattoos.

The meaning of a family tree tattoo design

Preserves family memories

A family tree design is a great way to keep the memories of your family members. Even when one family member passes on, their memory is still intact each time you look at the tattoo. The tattoo helps you appreciate each family member’s memory.

Celebrates family lineage

A family tree design is the only tattoo design that lets you celebrate all your family members in a single art. Wearing a family tree tattoo is enough proof of the love you have for your family.

Serves as a reminder to be appreciative of each family member

Just like a tree has different branches and each branch grows in a different direction, a family tree tattoo helps you appreciate the different family members. This is with the understanding that family members are unique and are gifted differently.

Demonstrates the love for life

Trees grow in the natural environment. Sometimes its leaves dry up, but the tree still stands. This can be likened to perseverance for the love for life. One must never give up despite the challenges that life brings.  At other times, the leaves grow green and other times they wither. Just like a tree, life has different seasons.

Variations of family tree tattoo designs

Family tattoo designs come in different shapes and sizes.

1.    Arm family tree

This design is mostly carved on the arms because it is meant to come out as extremely colorful. It is ideal for wearers who want to depict the greatness of their families in terms of number or even success.

2.     Starry family tree

The design is engraved by combining many stars into a tree design. The starry family tree is perfect to be worn by a person who wishes to depict a young and vibrant family

3.    Cute family tree

The cute family tree designs contain messages of love and adoration for a family.  You may use birds resting in the tree to represent family members.

The choice of the tree

Not only are you supposed to choose the tattoo design carefully, but the type of the tree too. Different trees carry a different meaning. Some of the elegant trees to choose from are the apple trees, maple trees, walnut trees, elm trees, fig trees, cedar trees, and the cypress tree.

The elm tree is a symbol of dignity while the maple tree symbolizes unity and harmony.  Cypress tree, on the other hand, represents understanding and remembrance. The tree chosen may also be used to mourn a family member. The willow is such a tree as it represents mourning and healing.

Placement ideas

You can wear the family tree tattoo on any part of your skin. It all depends on the type of the design you select and the amount of pain you are willing to endure.

For large family tree tattoos, go for the back so that the branches can spread on the shoulders.  For smaller designs, use the arms, the breast and the ankles.

The ankle is a painful placement part, while the breasts are the less painful parts.

How to add glam to the design

Add some pomp into your design by drawing a tree design that is rich in branches and shading the leaves with different color shades. A richly branched tree demonstrates self- sustenance while a naked tree depicts love for simplicity.

To make the tattoo look even more realistic, ask your artist to customize the linear arrangements for you.  For instance, each name can have its own unique calligraphy. You may have the name of the ancestors and grandparents at the roots and their children as you approach the branches. Better still, go for 3D designs.

Represent the different family members with words, or flowers or birds. To make a clear distinction of the members, use different colors for each of the name or flower.

However, because every family is unique, ensure to have a tattoo design that perfectly represents your family.