Greek God Tattoo Ideas

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What is a Greek God tattoo?

Greek Gods have featured in literature, paintings, sculptures and recently have become very popular for tattoo designs. Greek mythology is a huge area of study and now influences art around the world. The Greek Gods tell stories of love, fear, beauty, and bravery. Many people choose to have one as a tattoo to represent one of these in a beautiful, well-detailed tattoo design.

Greek art is loved by people around the world. The amazing myths that are full of love, power, pain, fear, bravery, and beauty inspire and touch people across the globe. The mythical tales have been the inspiration for many tattoos amongst men and women of all ages and interests.

Greek God tattoos are unique to each person. Even when two people have the same Greek God, the design is different which makes the tattoo industry so interesting. Just like paintings, each one is unique (even when you are painting the same object!).

A tattoo of a Greek God has lots of amazing detail to it. And not only do they look beautiful but they also have important, significant messages attached to them. A tattoo is for life which is why they are of such importance to the person. Most tattoos have a reason behind them, if not then they definitely have a funny story.

The Gods of Greek mythology are very unique and significant. They play a big part in history and very relatable characters. If you’re thinking of getting a Greek God tattoo then make sure you read more about the different Gods below. This will help you find out more important information about each of them. You can decide which God you are most similar to and which is worthy of a place on your body.


Apollo is one of Zeus’ sons and was known as the god of light and sun. He was pictured as a young, athletic and handsome man with a wreath and bow and arrow. He was also the God of medicine, plague, healing, poetry and much more. A tattoo of Apollo often represents the arts, prophecy, and knowledge. So if you’re someone who is full of knowledge, interested in the arts or has good prophecy, this is the Greek God for you.


Zeus was known to have the power over the weather and all of the universal law and order. Zeus was also known as the king of the Greek Gods and ruler of Mount Olympus. So if you believe you are powerful and strong, this is definitely a great tattoo idea for you. If you are in touch with the weather, a tattoo of Zeus would look amazing somewhere on your body.


Ares is a less popular god that represents the mayhem of war. Many people who get a tattoo of this Greek God has links with war or want to symbolize their interest in war, fighting, bloodshed, and violence.


For anyone with an interest in water, this is the ideal Greek God for them. Poseidon is well known for being the king of the sea and waters. He is remembered for being able to control rivers, seas, floods, earthquakes, and waters. He is often pictured holding a trident and surrounded by dolphins and so this would work as a great tattoo design for someone with these interests.

There are lots of different choices when it comes to Greek God tattoo ideas. It is best to browse the different Greek Gods and choose one that fits your personality traits and interests.