8 Splendid Red Nail Designs Ideas

No matter the season or the occasion, any woman who loves nail art will confess to loving the red nail designs. The red nail polish was one of the original colors in which nail polish used to come in. Over the years, red has remained a true classic. What has however changed over the years is that lovers of fashion have come up with mind-blowing red nail designs.

Why are red nail designs still trendy?

Foremost, it is because the design uses the red color. The red polish shows a confident woman and one who is not shy to show the world the woman’s beauty. Also, red is the color of love, power, and energy.

The red nail polish comes in a variety of shades to choose from. These are tangerine red, lipstick red and the darker shades of red. Whether you are in the conservative careers or the outgoing professions like acting, red is a pure color to flaunt with.

To some, the red polish is seductive. Most women will wear it when going for dinner and evening parties. The crimson red is one shade of color that says love is in the air.

8 spectacular red nail designs

Well, if you thought that painting your nails with red nail design is to paint them red, well here are red nail designs you never knew about.

1. Glittering stars

Sprinkling stars of gold and silver brings out a beautiful red nail design. To make the design stand out, sprinkle them in a unique pattern; say in a wavy pattern or at the base only. Because the idea is to make the nails stand out, you may add other celestial bodies to the design.

2. Sparkling vibrations

This nail design combines multi-colors that are painted to form sparkling vibrations. Do not be shy to combine two bright colors because red is a universal color. It blends well with virtually every color.

3. Accent nail design

The design is quite simple to make. You paint your fingers with the red nail polish save for one of the fingers. In the left out finger, you use a completely different nail polish color and nail design. The idea is to strike a contrast.

4. Red-bellies

Strawberries are sweet and have always been associated with good health and flavor. Doing red nail art with berries is a sure display of elegance. The design is perfect for parties and works perfectly with short nails.

5. Simple and shiny

Lest it escapes your mind, the red nail polish is spectacular even in its plain color. Ensure to always use quality brands to achieve a fine art. The tangerine shade of red is a particularly ideal shade for this nail art design.

6. Blue and red hues

The blue hues are a great combination for the red polish designs. It gives the nails a diversified yet trendy appearance. The aqua blue is the most desirable shade of the blue colors.

7. Red floral tips

The French manicure is an all-time elegant design. You can, however, spice it up by painting it with a red French tip. Alternatively, you can add some creativity by painting red floral tips. The most recent trend on the French manicure is designed by marking the French tip with a thin white line or making patterns of small hearts.

8. Metallic moon

The design features a metallic moon at the base. The metallic moon looks gorgeous when painted in the triangle, the chevrons or the ombre patterns.

What if I don’t have the long nails?

Admittedly, not all of us have the long nails to flaunt. Due to the pomp of the red color though, even the short nails appear spectacular when painted with the red nail designs. Some nails will however not grow an inch from the skin. Not to worry, you can get fake acrylic nails. From here you can try out all the red nail designs we have recommended here and any others.

Final tips

The designs you can create with the red nail polish are endless. The ones highlighted are just a tip. Remember, nail design is an art. It is a way to express one’s personality. Explore the various red nail designs to control your emotions and those of the people around you. You can be the controller by using the red nail designs to impress, influences, excite and even attract envy.