Marley Twists Guide

If you’re a fan of Bob Marley then you definitely will know where Marley twists come from. This vibrant hairstyle never fails to turn heads and is super edgy. It gives men and women an instant transformation that is full on reggae inspired.

Digging deeper into the roots of this hairdo will take you to a whole different culture and era. If you’re up for trying something different then here’s what you need to know.

What hair to use:

The best hair extensions to use for this hairdo are undeniably Kanekalon hair. When purchasing the hair extensions make certain that it is 100% kanekalon so that you get the best results.

A great tip to use a day before is to take the kanekalon hair and soak it in some apple cider vinegar and warm water. This will help remove the chemical film that is coated over the hair. After soaking the hair, remove it from the water and ACV and allow it to air dry overnight before you getting started

How to install Marley Twists

Before getting started- you will need a lot of time to do this hairstyle. It could take a good 8-9 hours, but it’s well worth it.

Start on clean hair that has been washed and dried. Next, get the products on hand that is listed below.

Product list:

  • Moisturizing twist gel
  • Olive oil gel
  • 5-6 packs of hair

Part the hair

Use a comb to detangle any hair and remove knots before starting.

Next, part the hair into four equal sections. The first two parts should be from the front of the head to the middle and the last two parts should be from the middle to the nape. Further, divide these two areas so that you have four equal sections to work with.

Prepare the hair extensions so that you’re ready to go

You will need to join two strands of hair and then comb out the ends gently- this will help thin it out a bit. After you have combed the tips, take some moisturizing butter/ gel and apply it to the strands of hair. Doing this will allow you to stretch the hair out and give it some nice length.

Apply gel to the natural hair

Take a piece of hair from the front section of the part and apply some moisturizer to it. Then, part this section further so that you have two equal sections and apply some gel to both of the sections.

Add the kanekalon hair

Take the prepped hair pieces and apply it in the middle of the two sections you just created. Secure the right side of the section, holding down with your fingers. Then, take your natural hair from the left side of the section and twist it around the kanekalon hair. Continue to twist so that your hair and the hair extensions are both well incorporated.

Apply more gel if needed.

Join both pieces

Once you have the left side of the divided section completed, start with the right side and repeat the process again.

After you have completed both, the left and the right side of the hair it’s time to join them together. Ensure that both strands are tight enough and then twist them over each other. Use some gel in order to help it stay in place and continue till the tips.

*Use additional moisturizer if the hair feel dry

Continue onto each strand

Ensure that the above steps are repeated on each strand of hair, in every section of the head. This will take up a lot of time so you will need to be patient for this.

Soak the tips of the hair in warm water

After you have finished the entire head with the Marley twists you can now soak the tips in some water. The water should not be boiling hot and neither should it be cold. Warm water works best and allows the hair to instantly soften on its own.

How to style Marley Twists

When styling Marley twists you can choose to have your hair styled in the following options:

  • Half up and half down- Tie the top part of the hair and allow the bottom part to be loose.
  • Have it all tied up and away from the face.
  • Part it in different directions.