Olive Branch Tattoo Meaning

What is an olive branch tattoo?

An olive branch tattoo is very significant and symbolic. The olive branch tattoo is becoming very popular in recent years. It is a beautiful symbol that is popular for its shape, delicacy, and meaning. An olive branch symbolizes peace. It has links back to Greek mythology and is also mentioned in the bible.

An olive branch is most well known for the saying ‘to offer an olive branch’ which is a metaphor for solving an argument and bringing peace to the situation. This is one meaning behind the tattoo of an olive branch but there is plenty more.


Greek Mythology

Olive branches were popular in ancient wars when the Greeks would put them on artwork, banners, and statures to show their success in battles. Because of this, olive branch tattoos are very popular amongst anyone who is from Greece or has Greek family to symbol their family history. The olive branch tattoo could be a stand-alone tattoo or could feature on a Greek banner or flag.

Another symbol of the olive branch and the olive branch tattoo is victory. In the first Olympic games, all winners received a wreath made out of olive branches. These were prestigious high awards and from then on the olive branch has been symbolized as a symbol of victory. Many athletes who compete at the Olympic games, particularly if they story includes Greece, choose to get an olive branch tattoo to represent their achievement.


Another representation of the olive branch tattoo is clarity. Anyone who finds it easy to do tasks in a simple and effective way whilst keeping calm has good clarity. Someone who thinks about situations in a calm and positive way also has clarity and many people who believe they have clarity or need clarity in their life get an olive branch tattoo. The olive branch is a symbol of clarity therefore if someone has the tattoo on themselves, they can look at when they need clarity in their life.

Matching Tattoos

Olive branch tattoos are often gotten as matching tattoos. This represents the love between two people and the bond that they have together cannot be broken. The designs for matching love branch tattoos are matched line for line on both bodies and can be any size. Whether you want matching finger or ankle tattoos or back tattoos, the tattoo artist will be able to meet your requirements.


The most common representation of an olive branch tattoo is the symbol of peace. This can come in all forms. If you are someone who wants to bring more peace to the world then this is the tattoo for you. If someone lives a crazy, busy life and want more peace in their life, this tattoo can help symbolize that.

An olive branch tattoo has lots of meanings and it is down to each individual to decide what their tattoo means. You can use any of the meanings to help symbolize your olive branch tattoo. The best thing to do is to find one meaning to defines your personality or something that you would be proud to have as a personal trait. If there are any significant meanings that can resonate with you then getting a tattoo of this design would be perfect.

Design options

There are plenty of design options for your olive bench tattoo. It is best to have a tattoo of the branch on its own or as the focal point of your potential design as they are beautiful and detailed. Many people get a single olive branch with plenty of leaves. It is important you make these decisions in plenty of time as it will help you know where you can and can’t place the tattoo. Remember a tattoo is for life so making it perfect is important.

The design options will also be the size of consideration. You will want to make sure the size and design will fit the area of your body where you want the tattoo to be. Olive branch tattoos can be on all parts of the body with popular places being the finger, wrist, arm, shoulder, and ankle.