A Quick and Easy Guide to Flat Twist your Hair

In hair by Roxanne Adams

If you’re looking for the perfect hairdo that always looks neat and tidy, then it’s time to flat twist your hair. This hairstyle works especially well for those who want …

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A Simple Guide to Pixie Braids

In Guide, hair by Roxanne Adams

Pixie braids are super cute and look extremely stylish on just about anyone. Although they might look awfully complicated to do, they’re actually fairly simple to do. This particular type …

Arrow Tattoo Meaning

In Tattoos by Katherine

The culture of tattooing has been with us for many decades. People are inspired by different factors when getting a tattoo. For some, it is their love for family, the …

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6 Stunning Braids Hairstyles

In hair by Roxanne Adams

Braids hairstyles are not only super cool, but they also give some edginess to just about any look. Whether you’re going to a party, out for a picnic or just …

Faux Rook Piercing

In Piercing by Irene

What is a Rook Piercing? To understand what a faux rook piercing is, it is important to first know what a rook piercing is. A roof piercing is a piercing …

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Art Ideas for Purple Nail Designs

In Nails by Katherine

Much of the first impression of a woman is created by her nails. Women realize this and for many years, the women’s fashion industry has been characterized with trendy nail …