The Perfect Shark Tattoo Designs for Your Personality

In Tattoos by Roxanne Adams

There’s something invigorating about opting for a shark tattoo over the usual tribal tat. Sharks are known for being vicious creatures that have power, speed, and intelligence. They are incredible fish that also happen to be one of the dominating species in the ocean.

If you’re thinking of getting a shark tattoo we’ve got some wonderful design ideas that you can choose from. Not only are shark tattoos beautiful, but they have a deeper more profound meaning behind them.

What do shark tattoos symbolize?

Firstly, the shark is known as the “king of the ocean” in many parts of the world. This is because of how incredibly well they thrive in the ocean.

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A shark tattoo symbolize confidence

If you are someone who lacks confidence then getting a shark tattoo can help you remember to be stronger and find your confidence. It can be used as a constant reminder that you should be stronger and have more faith in yourself.

On the contrary, if you’re someone who has just enough confidence- this can also be a good tattoo to get. It can be the perfect representation to one of your personal characteristics.

It represents intelligence

The astounding thing about sharks is that they are intelligent and able to adapt to different situations. They often use every opportunity they get to their advantage. A shark tattoo can represent just that- being able to adapt to any situation and remaining clever.

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Strength and courage

Sharks are species that have utmost strength, and they are generally fighters. This symbol is great for those who are fighters, trying to get through each day as best they can. No matter if you’re going through personal issues or health conditions, a shark tattoo will represent the “never to die” spirit.

The best shark tattoo designs

Small and dainty

If you’re looking for something small and less out there then you can choose to get this shark tattoo. It’s hardly visible because of its size, but it’s not invisible either. The fin out of the water is a beautiful concept that only reveals a small part of the shark.

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For the fierce feminist

If you’re a strong, independent woman who is all about girl power then we have found the perfect shark tattoo for you. Low and behold, this piece portrays a woman with a shark tat surrounded by flowers. It gives off such a strong meaning; women are stronger than you think!

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Tribal influence

For those who are passionate about tribal tattoos but have no idea how to incorporate the 2 together, here you go. This shark tattoo is everything, because of its patterns and movement that it portrays.

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A work in progress

This tattoo design is for those who are not sure yet what their story is. As you may notice this outlined tattoo doesn’t have much going on. If you choose to be a minimalist than this can work for you, but if you not sure what your story is about then this might be your piece!

The wonderful thing with tattoos is that as life progresses and experiences occur, you can slowly add to your ink. This is a perfect way to tell a personal story and celebrate different experiences.

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Hidden strength

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Certain times in life we go through different experiences that we might want to hide from the world. Choosing a hidden shark tattoo is a wonderful way to commemorate such incidents. It can easily be covered and you won’t have to answer as many questions as normal.


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All about expression

If you are someone who is all about expression, you can opt for this big tattoo that represents a number of things. This is a great tattoo inspiration and the depth of color used is incredible, it almost looks as though it’s a mini aquarium

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Should you get a shark tattoo?

It all depends on what you’re looking for- if you feel that you can easily relate to the characteristics of a shark, then yes, get one!

Shark tattoos have so much of meaning, and not a lot of people might be aware of the deeper meaning. The bottom line is that there are so many incredible shark tattoo designs that you can choose from. The choice ultimately is yours.

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