Solar Nails

Solar Nails are growing in popularity and are better than most the treatments you usually get at the nail salon. Women love to have well maintained, looked after, healthy nails. Many women get confused between acrylic nails and other nail treatment options but solar nails are very similar.

Solar nails have the same compassion and characteristics as acrylic nails. What most people do not know is that ‘solar nails’ simply comes from a brand name used in the past when the brand first released their products.

Acrylic nails, including solar nails, are made from a mixed compound of polymethylmethacrylate. This compound is available in both liquid and powder format. When mixed together, the compound solidifies and sticks to the nail.
The only main difference between acrylic nails and solar nails is that solar nails are applied directly onto the nail whereas acrylic nails require a fake nail extension.

The color of solar nails is pink and white. The nails have a pink overlay and white tips giving it a dual-toned. Because of this, they are often known as pink and whites or permanent French nails.

Solar nails are stronger, longer lasting and easier to maintain than other acrylics. However they are more expensive, take longer to apply and are also harder to get. Solar nails were most popular when they first came out in the 70’s by Creative Nail Design. Access to real solar nails is limited and many salons really use cheaper versions so it is important to ask very specifically about what nail materials you will be getting. Everyone deserves the best nails!

How are they Applied?

The way the solar nails are done in the salon is in two steps. Firstly, the natural nails are cleaned then the white nail is placed onto the entire nail.

Next, the pink nail is placed on top of the white nail but just on the nail bed. This is a simple process that can be done every month rather than every two weeks.


Solar nails are refillable which means there will be fewer trips to the salon. This is a great convince for most women. A plain acrylic nail often requires a trip to the salon every two weeks which makes it a very expensive and time-consuming habit. For solar nails, every four weeks will be enough time to ensure the nails won’t fade, chip or look dirty. So if you’re a busy woman with little spare time, solar nails are a great way to have fabulous nails and only a monthly salon trip.


Durability and strength are very important for nails. Solar nails use high-quality ingredients to help assure women that their nails won’t chip or break easily. Several layers are used to protect the nail and strengthen the base coat. This helps make the nails last longer and not break easily allowing just one salon trip a month.


Solar nails offer a real glossy and shiny appearance. Acrylic nails need extra layers of nail polish to get the sparkle and shine that women want. With solar nails, the buff never fades and the sine and gloss last much longer. This is practical and gives a natural look to a woman’s nail.

No Extension

It is important to remember that solar nails are not an extension. Regular acrylic nails are an extension and can cause damage to the natural nails when used often. Solar nails are embedded naturally into the natural nail helping to maintain luster and life.

UV Rays

Women who get acrylic or gel nails have to avoid taking a sunbath of visiting a tanning center. This is because UV rays can often damage artificial nails. When the nails are exposed to UV rays for a long time they lose their shine and become yellow.
The proof solar nails are that they are not affected by UV rays. They have not been reported to turn yellow or be affected by the sun. This is ideal for anyone who loves a warmer climate and gets their nails done for a holiday.
So the next time you go to the nail salon, make sure you choose to get solar nails rather than acrylic or gel nails.