Vaseline on Tattoos

Here’s what you didn’t know about Putting Vaseline on Tattoos

As you might have noticed, some tattoo artists use Vaseline on tattoos while they’re inking you up. This is solely because it makes their job easier and a little less messy.  It keeps the ink intact and prevents it from being all over the place. However, there are a few things you should know if you’re considering using Vaseline as a moisturizer on your tattoos.

Vaseline on Tattoos

Why people use Vaseline on tattoos

There is a serious misconception about Vaseline on tattoos. Many believe that it’s good for the skin because of its thick consistency and think that it’s nourishing for the skin.

This explanation might sound logical; however, Vaseline should be avoided on tattoos at all costs. Reason being that it actually does your tattoo no good.

Why Vaseline isn’t good to use on tattoos

There are a number of reasons that Vaseline isn’t good to use on tattoos. It definitely shouldn’t be used during the healing process; here’s what you need to know.

It prevents the skin from breathing

Vaseline is thought to have a rich and thick consistency and because of this it actually prevents the skin from breathing. This is a major issue because the skin around the tattoo will be stifled and not able to heal properly.

It is always important that tattoos that are in the healing process especially can breathe properly. If the skin is unable to breathe properly you will essentially be prolonging the healing period.

It washes out the tattoo

Vaseline on Tattoos

The last thing anyone who’s gotten fresh ink wants is a washed out tattoo. It’s agonizing enough to sit through a tattoo session, imagine having to back to get it retouched. This not only is a waste of time but a waste of money too.

Vaseline has the tendency to wash out new tattoos and your tattoo actually can fade away. It’s much better to use a proper lotion that is created especially for tattoos. They might be slightly more costly, but it actually will save you a fortune in the long run.

There are a variety of lotions on the market that actually speed up healing while intensifying the ink of your tattoo. These products are highly recommended to use. If you find that these products aren’t cost efficient for you then rather use Shea Coco butter.

Vaseline clogs the pores

Another major issue that many face when using Vaseline is clogged pores. This is mainly because of how thick the petroleum jelly is. Once again the skin is unable to breathe and thus clogged pores occur. When the skin pores get clogged it affects healing and recovery negatively.

Opt for water-based lotions that are salt-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free. This will prevent clogged pores and any skin irritations while keeping the skin nourished and healthy.

The skin is more likely to breed bacteria

Yes, that’s how bad Vaseline actually is for tattoos!

According to the experts, Vaseline prevents oxygen from getting to the skin and the skin is unable to absorb the product. This can leads to sticky tattoos that are likely to attract dirt and other bacteria, making it a serious problem. Having bacteria around a new tattoo is extremely harmful because the skin around this area is basically an open wound.

The one time Vaseline is safe to use on tattoos

Vaseline on Tattoos

After reading about all of the cons of Vaseline on tattoos, it’s just fair that we shed some light in when it’s safe to use.

The only time that Vaseline can be used is when you’re about to take a bath or a shower. This is because it protects the tattoo, especially if it’s in the healing/ recovery process.

Vaseline prevents water from touching the area and is actually insoluble for a long period of time.

Other things to avoid

Now that we’ve covered the basics of why Vaseline isn’t good for tattoos, here are a few other things that should also be avoided.

  • Saltwater- This is extremely bad for the skin while it’s healing; unfortunately this includes ocean water.
  • No sunblock- While sunblock is important for the skin’s health, it should be avoided on fresh tattoos. Only apply sunblock once the tattoo has healed, so that the color doesn’t fade from the sunlight