tattoo blowout

What is a Tattoo Blowout?

A tattoo blowout is when your tattoo becomes thin and gets a bluish haze around it. Unfortunately, this can happen to just about anyone who chooses to get inked. Blowouts can occur gradually over time or even instantly over the first couple of days of getting a tattoo. However, they are more noticeable after healing.

How to spot a tattoo blowout?

It’s quite easy to spot a tattoo blowout. What you will need to look out for is a drippy/ stringy appearance that looks out of place. You will also notice that the tattoo ink spreads from under the skin and almost looks smudged and blurry.

Why do tattoo blowouts occur?

tattoo blowout

When getting tattooed, the tattoo artist applies ink to a layer of the skin. This layer is usually on of the top layers that can hold the ink properly in place.

With a tat blowout, the ink actually penetrates a deeper layer of skin that is unable to hold the ink as well. This layer of skin has less tissue and causes the ink to bleed and spread a little further than normal.

Is it the tattoo artists fault?

To answer the question in short, no, it’s not always the tattoo artists fault.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that tattoo blowouts can occur when the area of the skin might not be that ideal. This could be because the area of the skin is thinner and has less tissue, thus increasing the chance of a blowout.

These areas are often are very stretchy and do not have much elastin, which is contributing factors. Examples of these areas include the elbow ditch, hips, wrist and even the rib area.

Another reason that this happens is because of the placement of the tattoo. Certain areas are more prone to movement. The movement of these areas can cause friction on the skin and can easily result in a tattoo blowout.

Lastly, tattoo blowouts can easily happen because you don’t sit still while getting inked. Any movements might cause your tattoo artist to flinch and result in a terrible situation. It’s always best to try and sit still and not move around to check your texts etc. when getting a tattoo.

When will the tattoo artist be to blame?

tattoo blowout

Tattoo artists are to blame if they’re not fully concentrating on what they’re doing. What happens when they’re not concentrating can be lead to either one of the following:

  • The tattoo artist might put extra pressure on the area and this will cause the needle to go deeper into the skin. Once this happens, the needle is pressed into another layer that might not keep the ink well together. This will cause a tattoo blowout.
  • When the tattoo artist holds the needle at a slanted angle. This will increase the chance of the ink to move and spread around.

What can you do about a tattoo blowout?

If you’re noticing that your tattoo looks a bit blurry after just getting it, wait a couple of days. There is a possibility that it might just be healing still. However, if after healing you completely notice it than we understand that it can be devastating.

If it really is bugging you and making you feel unhappy then there are options like laser. Laser treatment can help remove tattoos but they are expensive and can be really painful.

If laser removal is not an option for you then you can always opt to try and cover the area with another tattoo. This tattoo will have to be bigger with more depth and shadows.


tattoo blowout

Tattoo blowouts are just one of those risks you’re faced with when getting a tattoo. It’s always a good idea to find the best possible area of your skin to get tattooed.

It can happen to anyone, but you can prevent it from happening by going to a tattoo artist who is well established. This might be pricier, but it’s always best to go to someone who has experience and knows what they’re doing. It will actually save you the agony of paying more to fix a blowout tattoo.

Try and go into your tattoo parlor beforehand and ask your tattoo artist questions so that you can make the best decision.